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Call centers are your greatest asset when providing excellent, one-on-one customer service, in an increasingly digital world. Customers will often never even visit your store in person, meaning their only interaction with your company will be online or through the phone. It’s important to maintain high customer service standards in your call center, to ensure every customer is dealt with fairly, kindly and quickly. Let’s explore how several professional call center script best practices can help you take the leap into world-class customer service.

What is a Call Center Script?

Call center conversation scripts are a pre-written guide, prepared with helpful information vital to successful customer service calls. Providing your call center agents with a well-written script is an easy way to train your call center representatives to deal with difficult customers, or to simply solve issues quickly and professionally. The use of a call center script is proven to reduce errors, and gives the agent the confidence and information to effectively guide customers through any process. Call center call scripts are also great for cold calling operations, as they make it easy and fluid to ask for customer information. But where do you start when developing an excellent call center script? Many companies choose to outsource to, or partner with, a professional call center service like ListenTrust, taking advantage of their years of experience, tried-and-tested scripts and superior call center technology.

7 Benefits of Call Center Scripts

Organization and uniformity are elements all companies hope to associate with their brand, and the right call center conversation script provides just that to your callers. Let’s take a moment to discuss the many benefits of creating a professional call center script, some of which might even surprise you!

1. Form a Better Impression

You have just moments to make a good impression when working in a call center. Most customers call with an issue or pressing question, and it’s important they are greeted with uniformity each time they call. When customers are greeted with professionalism and know they can expect excellent service when they call, they are more likely to be flexible, open up to the representative, and share more information. You have even less time to impress potential customers on a cold call, making it vital that you don’t simply launch into a sales script. Professionally researched and written call center scripts will help your customer service team make the best impression possible, every time they pick up the phone.

2. Promote Consistency

Consistency is important to the reputation of any company. Call center scripts provide a standard level of consistency, ensuring your reps have all the information they need for each call. When written and implemented correctly, a call center script can be designed to ensure you receive critical information at the beginning of the call, helping ensure all customers get the same advice, no matter what agent they speak to. This type of uniformity also helps speed up the customer service process, ensuring that each agent always has the answers they need right in front of them.

3. Improve Productivity & Effectiveness

Many businesses are asking themselves, how does using call center script improve your overall productivity and effectiveness? While empathy is important to customers, they also want their issue solved quickly and effectively. Call center conversation scripts help agents ask the right questions to get to the root of the issue fast. Having a well written call center script will improve productivity exponentially, by ensuring the answers to the most common questions, or solutions to the most common issues, are visible and available at all times. The longer call center representatives use their script, the more material they will remember, eventually making them your most valuable call center resource.

4. Boost Confidence

Agents are simply more confident when they have a call center call script or guidelines to follow. Instead of worrying about crafting the perfect response, agents can use their script to address the customer, while they get ahead of the issue. Ensuring that critical information is readily available for call center reps means they will sound more relaxed and in-control to customers, who will then trust their answers and solutions. Dealing with customer issues and complaints can be stressful, but a well written script takes away an extra stress of coming up with responses on the fly, making agents sound more professional and confident.

5. Lessen Mistakes

33% of consumers say a good customer service experience is strongly linked to resolving their issue in one single interaction, no matter how long it takes. We all make mistakes, but in a call center, when you have just moments to solve an issue and make an impression, it’s important to get it right the first time. Call center scripts help agents move smoothly past common issues and problems, and solve customer issues immediately. When agents fumble, mumble or give the wrong information, customer confidence drops like a stone, and scripts keep this from happening.

6. Reduce Training Time

Good customer service teams take the time to continuously train their representatives, helping them practice their responses in a stress-free environment. Scripts reduce the amount of time you must devote to training your team on the basics, and commonly asked questions, letting you focus your training on fine-tuning their sales or customer service skills. Great call center scripts allow agents to learn while doing, organically decreasing the time it takes to solve customer issues or make sales.

7. Improve Call Performance & Customer Satisfaction

Good call center scripts are developed based on past call performance and customer satisfaction. Be sure to review calls for good and bad elements, and bring these to the attention of the team, so they can learn. Take examples of great performance, and steadily incorporate the lessons learned into your script, which should evolve and grow as needed. Looking for guidance or a script-developing guru? For professional help crafting a customer-winning script, contact the experts at ListenTrust today.

Call Center Script Best Practices

Now that we know the clear benefits of using a call center script, we must explore the methodology behind scripting, and what elements to carefully consider when considering how to script within a call center environment.

Make it Concise & Skimmable

As the goal is to make information as readily available to representatives as possible, make sure the script is simply written, easy to read, and skimmable. The script should be simple enough for agents to eventually memorize, but should also contain all relevant information, without glossing over issues. If agents must pause, or put the customer on hold to find information, you’ve defeated the purpose of having the script. Try using bullet points, or create easy to read charts, to help agents identify and address issues quickly without the need to pause, search and read.

Revise it Often

Customer service standards and expectations change daily, and your business processes should be changing in tandem. Through trial and error, you will discover what types of issues your customers are having the most often, and what resolutions are the most effective. Your script should shift and change often, as customer needs evolve. Call centers are a valuable source of data on how customers are using and receiving their products and services. As your business uses this data to update or improve processes or products, you should be able to adapt your script to deal with new issues, or the most current questions.

Make them Adaptable

Call center scripts are not one-size-fits-all, and should be adapted for each customer and situation. Having different scripts available will help agents quickly assist customers, and will ensure a better customer experience. Take into account an agent personality when adapting scripts. If your agent sounds unnatural or forced with the script you’ve provided, work with them to adapt the script to a format that sounds more natural to them.

Be Flexible

Scripts are a critical element of setting up a productive and organized call, not a hard-and-fast rule for every agent and business. Encourage agents to throw out the script if it’s necessary to solve an issue or reach a customer. Don’t be afraid to change scripts as needed to make them more effective. For example, if your customers are experiencing a longer than normal wait time, incorporate an apology for the wait into your greeting. It’s important to let your customer service reps be flexible, as this is where you will likely get your best data on how effective your business, processes, products and customer service scripts really are.

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