U.S. Hispanic

Experts in the U.S. Hispanic & Spanish language market for over a decade

When your customers call, they want to engage on a personal level and communicate in their native language. By connecting with customers and building a trusting relationship, ListenTrust consistently achieves:

  • Higher close rates and average order values for direct response and digital marketers
  • Higher customer satisfaction scores and “save the sale” rates for our customer service clients
  • Greater donor performance for non-profit fundraising organizations

Our call center focus on Spanish language and bilingual English and Spanish agent services. We understand what motivates the U.S. Hispanic market:

  • Native Spanish speakers- 70% of the U.S. Hispanic population is from Mexico, so our agents mirror the caller to make them feel more comfortable, building trust on every call
  • Highly educated, motivated, bilingual and trainable call center staff
  • Spanish-speaking agents have a naturally neutral Spanish accent. Bilingual call center agents have minimal accents for effective communication in English
  • Uniquely profitable “soft offer” approach attuned to U.S. Hispanic consumers

What this means for our clients

  • ListenTrust delivers extremely high success rates from inbound calls to scheduled appointments for our Spanish-language lead generation clients
  • In side by side tests, ListenTrust consistently out-performs other non-profit clients’ call center solutions. In one instance, delivering nearly 200% more recurring monthly donations and additional one-time donations

“ListenTrust is a terrific partner to Inmigración America, providing exceptional service to our office and our clients. ListenTrust’s Agents understand the important role they play in helping people fulfill their dreams of becoming documented citizens, and they genuinely care. Agents handle all calls with sensitivity and compassion and are able to make our clients feel comfortable and supported instantly. With ListenTrust’s support, Inmigración America has been able to give people hope, reunite families, and help individuals successfully navigate the immigration process.

      Sergio J. Siderman, Esq. Inmigración America