Direct Response

Diverse Call Center Solutions

  • Full suite of inbound and outbound services
    • English, Spanish, or bilingual, operating 24/7/365
  • High performance sales or direct response campaign
    • Short form & long form television & radio, print and online media
    • Hard offer, soft offer & trial offer campaign
    • Multi-pay and continuity models
    • Product & services: price points from $9.99 to over $300
  • Sales and customer service support for e-commerce and digital marketers
    • Membership club retention and renewal
  • Lead generation and appointment setting support- D2C and B2B
  • Non-profit fundraising support
  • Customer service
    • Phone, email, social media, and chat
    • Save-the-sale and loyalty programs

What this means for our Clients

  • ListenTrust generates more revenue and greater value, even when compared to low-cost IVR systems
  • Our live agent services consistently outperform other live agent call centers

“ListenTrust is not a vendor of ours… they are a partner. In a perfect world, you would never run into issues when dealing with direct response marketing, but the reality is that issues or unforeseen problems DO happen. ListenTrust delivers top quality performance and results for ICTV Brands on a consistent basis, but what’s more important to me is that for the 1% of the time things do not go as planned they react as a partner and not just another vendor.


       Vince Dargush, VP of Operations, ICTV