Core Values

Our company values were conceived with the input of every employee

Each person has a stake in, and personal connection to, the values we live daily in the organization and with our clients

We have developed processes in every department to support our core values. We operate in a continuous state of improvement. We believe that if we strive for improvement in four key areas – passion, people, product and process – then we, and therefore our clients, will always be successful.

We call this approach delivering awesomeness

As a general rule, something is awesome when it exceeds expectations; when our customers want to yell, “Wow, that was AWESOME!” Awesomeness also happens when everyone understands how to support our clients’ greatest assets — their customers.

To achieve our mission, we must work to ensure each of us knows how they can achieve awesomeness. It’s our goal for every individual to be able to know when and how he or she can make a positive contribution to LUE.

Awesomeness will help us pioneer new ways to communicate with Hispanics and Latinos, and it will make marketers call us when they want to reach Spanish-speaking consumers.

Here are some qualities of employees who deliver awesomeness.

  1. They are excited, energized and prepared to deliver their efforts to customers, vendors the company and themselves.
  2. They have fun at work and make others laugh and smile by sharing their energy. Their energy is infectious. They are grateful and celebrate life.
  3. Negative calls, negative people, and negative events don’t bother them because they are positive, passionate and determined.
  4. They care about helping others improve, and they are encouraging and supportive of fellow team members.
  5. They stretch the limits of what’s possible. They dare to dream big and dare others to do the same.
  6. They are creative, adventurous, open-minded and always evolving.
  7. They expect a sale from every call, and understand that every phone call contributes to the revenue and earning goals of themselves, the team, the company and our clients.
  8. They provide leadership by honoring their words with actions and attitude. They speak to others with honesty, openness and candor.
  9. They do not accept mediocrity, because that is to fall short of their potential. They continually practice on improvement so they can exceed the expectations of their position.
  10. They always do what’s right, because they live by their core values.