For years, phone calls and emails were the other methods of customer service, but live chat customer service is the new method in town. The communication app lets you talk with a customer service agent in real-time using a chat window. This lets customers find solutions to their issues faster and helps customer service agents help more customers in one day. Live chat service might be a relatively new invention, but it has quickly become an option that customers expect. Customers prefer using live chat instead of fighting through a phone tree. Live chat’s dynamic nature helps the customers feel a better connection, so they are not just another number in the system.


How Does Live Chat Work

Live chat might sound like a complicated technical proposition, but it is reasonably straightforward. When looking for a live chat program vendor, look for one with the features you need to provide quality support to your customers and a reasonably affordable subscription fee. Once you have confirmed your subscription, adding the live chat window is as easy as copying and pasting the code into your website’s backend. Once you publish the new code, your live chat box will appear on the page.

For the opposite side of your website, the live chat box is remarkably easy to use. Customers need only click a button, and the chatbox will open where users can directly type their questions. That question is then connected to an agent, commonly working on a call center chat team, who then works to fix the customer’s issue. Online chat windows are recommended so the customer can continue to browse while getting support. Chat windows that lock your customer into that window until the chat closes are functional but needlessly limiting.


Benefits of Live Chat

Live chat support is a newer technology, and many businesses may be hesitant to invest in another new age tool, but live chat is worth the minimal hassle it requires. Adding live chat to your website might not be at the top of your priority list, but it should be. Live chat is not just another tool to slap on your website, as live chat support provides valuable benefits that every company should take advantage of.


Competitive Advantage

While live chat is still relatively new, not every business adds it to their website when they should. If you add live chat to your website, you are now ahead of the pack and leading the charge in better customer service methods. Adding live chat lets you provide 24/7 support, which few other businesses can tout. Always having support available also endears your company to customers and makes customers loyal to your brand.



Setting up phone and email systems to handle customer support takes time and money, while live chat is a rather painless addition to any website. Adding and maintaining live chat is inexpensive, and because customer support agents can handle more than one chat at a time, you save money with live chat by saving resources and time. Canned replies let agents rapidly send out solutions to common problems, so agents can focus their efforts and maximize their paid time on more complicated issues that a canned response cannot solve.

Cart Abandonment Prevention

When customers reach the shipping and delivery stage of checkout, they may be confronted with information and prices that vary by location. Instead of leaving customers to find the information for their location on their own, they can reach out to live chat for clear answers directly from your company. Instead of a customer abandoning the cart because they could not figure out shipping questions live chat supplies the customer an answer in minutes. This only demonstrates the power of live chat where customers no longer give up because they can’t find answers with site navigation as live chat gives them the answers right away.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customers overwhelming support and enjoy using live chat. Looking at the history of customer service, this is shocking. Customers do not want to wait for an email reply in two to three business days or spend two hours on the phone to get support; live chat fixes those problems. Live chat is fast, free for the customer, and combines the best of both email and phone support. Customers can attach media files to illustrate issues, the natural conversational flow of live chat mimics a phone call without the fear of a phone call, and live chat is anonymous, so customers don’t feel the need to beat around the bush when it comes to asking questions. There are so many elements of live chat that customers love, so it is no surprise that live chat is becoming the preferred customer support method.


Personalizes Your Brand 

Your service team is the customer frontline, as your support agents are likely some of the only people from your company that a customer will interact with. Live chat will often let you personalize your window so you can expand your brand. Add agent names and images to create a personable experience for customers. Putting a face and a name to a text conversation helps customers feel genuinely cared for. You can even customize the chat window’s design to suit your brand identity better. You can even work with smart routing modes, so a customer is connected to the same live chat agent each time to deepen the relationship.

Live chat is a fantastic service you should add to your website, but not all live chat services are created equal. Read more to learn about why ListenTrust is the best choice for your customer chat services. We have the industry experience and technical skills to ensure your live chat support is the best it can be. 


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