Craig Handley


Craig Handley is an entrepreneur, speaker, musician, and philanthropist. He believes in “living life like an extreme sport.” As such, he has cage dived with great white sharks and rappelled down Table Mountain in South Africa, driven the Baja 500 trail in Mexico, hiked through the jungles of Malaysia, and in Iceland he snowmobiled across a live volcano, swam in the Blue Lagoon, and dove in the famed Silfra Fissure which is the only dive site in the world where your dive is in the crack between two continental plates. He is the 85th civilian ever to jump out of a plane from over 32,000 feet... He is undefeated in his three trips to Necker Island when donning the Sumo Suit. He's met Ringo Starr and bumped into Paul McCartney before security escorted him back to his table while trying to get a selfie, and,in Calgary, he had a scarf blessed while meeting the Dalai Lama (which he has since misplaced).

An expert in Hispanic Marketing, Direct Response Marketing, and Sales and Brand expansion, Handley is the CEO and founder of the hugely successful “Listen Up Espanol,” which was named #1 in Business Products and Service (#27 overall) on Inc. Magazine’s 500/5000 list.  Handley’s businesses employ over 1,000 employees and have cumulatively done over 500 million in sales within the last five years to Hispanics in the USA.

He started his professional career as a paperboy, winning a contest to go to Disney for most new subscribers at the age of 13, he followed up with 3 years of door-to-door insurance sales, where he again won the companies highest award 8 times. He worked in a call center in telephone sales and again was one of 3 employees (Out of 950) selling over a million dollars a year in product. A respected advisor for hundreds of brands, products, and services in almost every category, he has also contributed articles and been interviewed for leading marketing and business magazines, blogs and podcasts and he's spoken at conferences, company retreats, seminars, and private masterminds.

He served five years in the U.S. Army infantry during the first Iraqi war, leaving with an honorable discharge. Handley studied voice and piano in college. He has written and produced hundreds of songs, from rap to pop to ballads to humorous parodies, and even opened for Coolio and hosted the Adult Entertainment Awards. In 2010 he turned down a record deal because it would have been “a pay cut” from his profitable businesses - and the required tour schedule didn’t leave him enough time for his kids. A devoted family man, he danced his way into his wife's heart with his "running man" and his practiced rendition of "the worm" and is also the father of five and a boy named Josh. He believes that with faith and a little courage, anything is possible.

Craig Handley, CEO
Mobile: 207-252-5779
Office: 207-774-1425, Ext. 102

Tony Ricciardi


Tony is an entrepreneur at heart who loves to look for problems, then build out winning solutions and successful companies around them. After cutting his teeth in corporate sales and management with MCI Telecommunications, he has been a driving force in multiple direct response and online ventures over the past decade. Most recently, he oversaw the expansion of ListenTrust, his hugely successful nearshore English and Spanish call center serving the U.S. Hispanic market – now at 500 seats and 800+ agents.

As President and Founding Partner of ListenTrust, Tony focuses on new business development and strategic alliances. He plays a similar role for ListenTrust's sister enterprise, Revenue Enhancement Consultants, a company dedicated to helping merchants, service providers, and affiliates boost sales and revenue, both online and offline.

A longstanding member of the Electronic Retailers Association, Tony holds a B.S. in Business Administration/Marketing from the University of Northern Colorado. He resides in Maine with his wife and two children, with whom he shares his passions for photography, snowboarding, and mountain- and road-biking.

Tony Ricciardi, President
Office: 207-774-1425, Ext. 104
Mobile: 207-252-6049


Tom Sheppard

Vice President of Business Development

Tom Sheppard is a 15-year direct response veteran in new business and client development. Tom helps direct-to-consumer marketers work with ListenTrust by emphasizing the importance of the Hispanic market. He also services existing direct response clients to ensure they are thoroughly pleased with ListenTrust customer service, reporting, and sales capabilities.

Tom is a well-established and highly respected leader in the direct response industry with a broad and longstanding contact and client network. He was formerly Director of Sales for Direct Response at LiveOps, where he worked with many of the industry’s largest companies and contributed to some of its most successful campaigns. Before joining LiveOps, Sheppard built a very successful career in the fulfillment and distribution logistics industry while servicing some of the direct response industry’s largest marketers.

Tom Sheppard, Vice President of Business Development
Mobile: 805-433-5000

Juan Caire

Director of Professional Services

Juan has been a member of the company since it’s foundation, getting started as a sales agent in the overnight/morning shift, he was within the top 5 best performers in soft offer sales and having proven a keen ability to make other people sell, he quickly moved up in the ranks, becoming a shift trainer. The trial by fire came when the most important account back then, was threatening to be gone thus forcing ListenTrust to shutdown unless this could be turned around; so making use of his training and scripting skills, as well as team collaboration, he managed not only to make this account stay in a matter of weeks but also made this account grow, earning him the Sales Director position; from which he spearheaded the accelerated growth going from 120 agents to 240, 460 and then to over 900. Making use of more than 9 years’ experience in the industry, Juan Caire and his team of talented professionals, grown from within the company; are now in charge of making sure each new account is set up with all the conditions to be successful for launching and assess them afterwards to help our clients grow their business.