What is ListenTrust?

ListenTrust is the leading bilingual call center for English and Spanish agent services. ListenTrust corporate offices are located in Portland, Maine with call center operations located in Hermosillo, Sonora and Mexico City, Mexico. 

When was ListenTrust founded?

ListenTrust (originally as Listen Up Español) was founded in March of 2006 by Tony Ricciardi and Craig Handley. We are now in our second decade of providing awesome brand experiences for our clients.

Why was ListenTrust Founded?

Originally founded as Listen Up Español, both Tony Ricciardi and Craig Handley recognized that the US Hispanic demographic was being underserved by call centers at the time. They agreed that focusing on the demographic with a superior service offering would result in better outcomes. Over time, our clients came to appreciate our capabilities so much for Spanish language services that they started asking us to provide more bilingual and pure English services as well. We listened and delivered and changed our name to ListenTrust in January of 2016 to better reflect our enhanced and broader service offering.

How do you choose a telemarketing company?

There are five important things to consider when choosing a telemarketing service provider: company values, type of calls, price, reporting and listening in on calls.

What does ListenTrust offer? 

ListenTrust offers direct response, non-profit and corporate clients a broad range of call center services in English and Spanish from inbound and outbound sales, customer service, and lead generation to Spanish advertising production services.

Why is the call center based in Hermosillo, Mexico?

With 70% of the U.S. Hispanic population from Mexican descent, ListenTrust agents have the ability to mirror the caller, in turn adding a level of comfort and trust that is so important to the US Hispanic population. Our Spanish-speaking agents have a naturally neutral accent, so their diction appeals to the broadest base of U.S. Hispanics from different origins. Our English speaking and bilingual agents have minimal accent in English and most have spent considerable time in the U.S. and better understand the cultural nuances of the typical U.S.-based caller compared to off-shore locations in Philippines or India, or even other countries closer to the U.S. where agents do not have the cultural affinity needed to effectively communicate in English.

What are the hours of Operation?

We provide service 24/7/365

What makes ListenTrust unique?

  • Culture- Employee satisfaction is paramount and people see this when they visit. The "Culture Team" ensures employee growth and happiness.

  • Focus- Our team's focus is to 'provide awesomeness' with various core values that we live by at ListenTrust:

    • 100% effort, 100% Heart

    • Have Each Other's Back

    • Possess a Desire to Improve

    • Keep an Open Mind

    • Do What You Say

    • Be Positive and Fun

  • Unrivaled scripting expertise!

  • Profitable "soft offer" approach attuned for your U.S. Hispanic consumers.

  • Highly efficient technology platforms- two to choose from based on client requirements.

  • Best-in-class compliance and verification processes.

  • Scalability- our call routing platform enables us to scale for large call spikes generated by high volume campaigns. We have the seats and the agent availability for large direct response events.

  • Accessibility- Hermosillo is a short flight from Los Angeles or Phoenix.

How is quality assured?

ListenTrust has a quality control team that audits both live and recorded calls. Clients can enjoy near real-time access to calls and associated data; all data can be easily accessed with log in info.

What kind of pricing options does ListenTrust make available?

We have various options available that typically meet any potential client’s needs including:

  • Shared agent, per minute pricing

  • Hourly, dedicated agent services

  • Performance-based options including Cost Per Order (CPO) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

  • "Hybrid" models that include a lower base per minute or hourly rate with performance-based incentives

  • Tiered rate structures for both per minute and hourly services that provide discounts for higher volume or utilization clients

How long will it take to set up my project or campaign?

Timing can vary from project to project but we like to plan on 10-15 working days from time execution of the ListenTrust services agreement.

Why Telemarketing en Español?

The nation’s Hispanic population stands over 54 million with projected growth of 128.8 million by 2060.  It’s imperative to engage now as a new channel of revenue and build your brand over time.

Why A Bilingual Call Center?

According to Nielsen, only 4% of the U.S. Hispanic Adults speak Spanish & English equally. A bilingual call center can respond to whatever language the customer is speaking.  This is good for the marketer and good for the customer. 

How does Telemarketing in Spanish benefit a business?

Consumer research firm Nielsen puts Hispanic purchasing power in the U.S. at $1.5 billion by 2015. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of inbound and outbound Spanish and English telemarketing to expand your business by connecting with consumers that tend to spend more money during each shopping experience than a non-Hispanic. 

How does ListenTrust consistently overachieve their clients' goals in both sales based campaigns and customer service programs? 

  • Focus on the Hispanic market. ListenTrust understands what motivates this bilingual market. ListenTrust understands what motivates this bilingual market

  • Measurement driven account management

  • Intensive initial and ongoing agent training

  • Better call routing technology